Motieno Designs is a trendy and contemporary design outfit that specialises in creating unique furniture for both outdoor and indoor purposes. Our furniture is created from reclaimed materials and capture the essence of a clients character and style.

We also specialise in creating bags and other products from various recycled items that are creative and versatile.
  1. Recycled Cement bag tote
  2. Recycled Cement bag tote
  3. Recycled Cement bag tote
  4. Recycled Cement bag tote
  5. Papier Mashe shell
  6. Papier Mashe shell
  7. Recycled Cement Bag
  8. Recycled Cement Bag
  9. 'When we had Conversation' Garden furniture
  10. 'When We Had Conversations' bench
  11. The Guitar Bench
  12. The Guitar Bench
  13. railway sleeper furniture
  14. Guitar Bench